4 Awesome Self-Budgeting Apps You Should Know

If you want to monitor and control the flow of personal cash, personal budgeting app is what you must need. As technology advances, more and more budgeting app is designed and marketed every year. Each of the apps has something different to offer. Some of the apps might focus on personal budgeting tools, while the other might focus on bill tracking. Apart from this, what is the best benefit you can get by adopting a personal budgeting app? It’s nothing other than the availability to access the app from anywhere given the internet. It makes it very feasible for you to monitor and take immense care of your finances. The following paragraphs will enlighten you about a few of the top best personal budgeting apps.

 Personal Capital

It is one of the best money management apps ever to be created. It benefits you to track your finance, combining the entire data about your investment accounts. The app is designed intuitively, and the visuals presented on the screen can incorporate on a pc, laptop, and tablet or your phone.   The app manages your investment performance by monitoring the graph of your asset class, account, and individual investment. The app’s budgeting functions are not robust or easy, but they get the job done. The most advantage of using the app is that your entire investment is considered as an equation and gives you a clear cut view of your financial picture.


From its inception onwards, Mint has become one of the popular budgeting app and website as well. It also helps to monitor your investment accounts along with the budgeting tools. This app is the best option if you want to know a detailed picture of your finance and investment. It also helps you by analyzing the spending and offer a suggestion where and how you can improve. Lastly, the app also helps you to pay the bills as well.


Acorns help you to invest virtually. Acorns are helpful to round up the transaction and can expect the recurring withdrawal to your accounts as well. It also incorporated with the best shopping app type of function named as Found Money. This is helpful if you shop in certain branded shops, the brand partners can automatically with no effort directly invest in your Acorn account.


Empower is a combination of financing and accumulated savings. Empower is online as well as a budgeting app. It helps you by connecting to your other financial accounts, track, monitors, and analyzes your daily activity of cash flow. It also provides you with a platform to limit the spending amount. All the data is stored in the AutoSave format. Beyond monitoring and analyzing the finance, it also helps you to look forward to your savings in your spending pattern as well.

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